• Creative Solar.
  • Creative Princess Mix.
  • Creative Flawless.
  • Forever French with white or hundred other colours permanent Acrylic.

UV Gel

  • UV light-cured clear gel from IBD. This product gives a mirror glass finish. The gel itself is very flexible and causes no burning or yellowing.

Spa Pedicure

  • Your feet will be treated in a spa bubble bath mixed with Dead Sea salt crystals. This treatment gives a clean and fresh sensation to your feet.
  • Ice Scrub produces a deep, clean scrub with sanitizer and moisturizer, creating the resulting smooth skin.
  • Shasta baby powder lotion is used for relaxation foot massage.
  • All implements are sanitized with antibacterial soap, and then sterilized in a UV oven after each use.


  • We have over 100 different O.P.I. colours to choose from – classic to modern fun colours.
  • Professional non-yellowing O.P.I. top and base coats keep the mirror shine longer.
  • We have over 300 color choices from OPI, Deborah lippmann and Infinite Shine.

Soak Off Gel Polish

  • Over 100 fun color choices from Orly Gel FX and CND Shellac.